Hey everyone!

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Me somewhat.. I want to order Mixcraft pro studio 5, my dilemma is..that I am operating with a Media Center Addition Windows XP and I dont know if this program with indeed run on this computer. I have contacted the company as they have no number, (figures) and I want to know what the return is so I am aware of my options.

The M-Audio doesn not run on the machine, it would probably need major tweeking to do so and I am not teck savy enought to give that a shot. Just for the heck of it, since this machine is a HP, I am sure I cannot load Microsoft XP onto it but I would if I thought I could. That would just be one more issue. Anyway., if anyone has loaded Mixcraft 5 pro onto a Media Center Addition pc and has success could someone let me know? I already emailed the vendor and this is the second time. I want the full program to work with.

Thank you..

In between, I have Audacity but I want something more advanced and I like the Mixcraft it has similarities to Garageband and is extremely user friendly.

Thanks again, sure would appreciate some answers.

Cant remember if I added this..My Media Center went capoot. I purchased a new system from Dell, built it myself on-line, it will measure up, and I purchased Mixcraft 5 pro, ya dont know what happend, it just died. Took the entire thing apart, reset everything and nothing worked. Who knows..maybe a storm put it on the fritz, I did have it plugged in and we had some astronomical lightening shows that came about. Oh well.