Check out my new video of The Brothers Cup by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


I tried a new approach this time so im interested in hearing what people think of it. I played the guitar, bass and sang and then i decided that with the new play along program for guitar pro tabs the drums sounded respectable so i thought it would be cool to be able to do a cover with a beat in it. i probably would have left out the trumpets since they dont sound particularly good but i felt they were pretty integral to the song so i just made them kinda quiet so they wouldnt protrude.

Leave your comments and your c4c links and ill crit back!
Ah, Guitar Pro brass. ^_^

You've picked a hard song to emulate, but you do a pretty good job of getting Slovak's tight funk rhythm playing. The bass is accurate but a little bland in my eyes - it could be a backing track, and you've got to put a bit more life into it if you really want it to stand out. The vocals are extremely difficult to emulate well considering the era and recording style of the song, and you do it well IMO.
Thanks for your crit on my cover.

That was a good cover, however I do think that your rhythm playing is slightly off. Other than that, and a possible improvement on your drums and there isn't much else to say really.
something seemed off about this one. Like one of the instruments was out of sync. Maybe it's just me.

could you comment on mine?


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