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-Jackson Soloist Std. Professional '93
DiMarzio Evolution (bridge) SD Lil' Screamin Demon (neck)

-B.C. Rich Warlock Special Edition Metal Web

-Peavey Bandit 112
First, I was impressed by the ambition and the feel for 20th century classical music that I heard in Black Symphony. I then listened to some of the other stuff.

The main problem is that your righthand needs a lot of work. You have to develop a tighter, crisper attack in order to create the kind of cohesive rhythmic drive and punch that makes guitar playing so appealing. At this point, the lack of righthand smoothness makes your playing sound kinda clumsy. So get out the metronome and woodshed your ass off.

I was impressed by you doing that Parker tune. A lot of young rock guitarists look at me sideways when I tell them to listen to horn and piano players to help make their soloing hipper, but one often has to get outside of one's comfort zone in order to push one's boundaries and spur more creativity.

So keep pushing yourself and see where it leads you.