Hello everybody,
Just finished new composition called Duality (not a Slipknot cover :P)


It can get a little repetitive in the beginning as there are supposed to be lyrics I haven't wrote yet. But all feedback is appreciated, especially towards mixing (i want to remix it but donno where to start to make it better).

Leave a link you your music so i can leave my feedback in return
good stuff man. i put some comments on the soundcloud page, and i am also following you on there as well. if you would mind giving some of my stuff a crit, i would greatly appreciate it.
Hey dude!

Critting as I listen:

Well, the first thing that is noticeable is that your mix is very quiet, but you can always solve that later, just wanted to say that.

The Hihat needs to be either louder or to be mixed a lot more prominent, it's barely noticeble in the first minute or so. Guitars sound good, maybe a tad less mids, but otherwise they're fine.

You're right it gets repetitve, but with vocals I don't see a problem.

The Drums are WAY to quiet, you can turn them up quite a bit.

Second guitar is good, although I'd try to seperate both guitars a bit more in the mix. They seem to occupy the same space and it gets a bit muddy.

The transition at 1:47 is odd. The Distorted guitar is a lot quieter than the clean guitar, and this sounds strange, at least to me. Also, I'm missing a fill of some sort there, it's pretty much two completely different songs right now. Oh wait. Duality? Is this kind of a sick joke? However, you need to work at the transition. I'd try it with a nice fill, level the guitars out and let the clean guitars ring out.

Also, the Hihat is now too loud, while the rest of the drums get a bit lost in the mix, except for the snare.

You have some sort of stopping/playing sound at 2:04. 2:35 doesn't flow very well, too.

The solo is really nice, and the transition at 2:52 does work very well. 2:56 sounds a bit off again, but better than the first transition.

In the bit starting from 3:15 there is a guitar that sounds strange to me.

Ending is good again.

So, overall it's a good song, that just needs some small fixes and vocals, and then you got yourself a really nice song!


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Hey man

Dig the intro, I tend to start songs this way too and I like the way it all blends together eventually. The only thing I didn't really like was something about the rhythm at around 2 minutes when you kicked on the distortion. I agree with whoever posted on your soundcloud that the drums are too quiet and the hihat is too loud - that sums it up perfect. I can't hear the bass drum or the snare over the rhythm guitar and it's messin with me.

Solid composition though, I liked the rest of the song. I'd just work on the mix. Definitely great for a work in progress. Hopefully you post it up when it's finished, I'd definitely give it a listen.

Wow, that's a lot of good feedback! Thanks guys, i will work on the mix. The problem for me is that when i mix it in Reaper, its sounds alright - everything is levelled somewhat ok and you can hear drums better. When i render it out... for some reason it ducks the drums and brings up bass. donno how to get around that but i will try to cheers!
Would be epic with vocals. Really digging your clean tone, sounds clear and warm - works very well. Your driven tone is nice too. Playing was generally tight, sloppy in places maybe. Not keen on drum sounds in all honesty, hi hat very...too there in the mix, bring it down, double your snare and kick and compress the hell ou of em to really push them to the front.

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Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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