I currently own an old Hamer slammer series super strat style guitar. I inherited it through the family. The body is sound but the electronics buzz and hum constantly and the wiring is shotty at best. It is has an H-S-S configuration and I plan to swap the current pickups out for a Dimarzio evo 2 in the bridge, fast track 1 in the middle, and an air norton s in the neck position. I was wondering how I would go about installing the pickups so that I could also have the coil splitting option with the evo 2, but I am unsure how to do this with a 5 position blade, master volume, and master tone control. The guitar also has another switch which I suspect is a gain booster but am still unsure. Is there any way I can use this extra switch for a control? All help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!