Also play guitar, professionally or at home?

Also how many of you just play music for a living no day job

We all play guitar. This happens to be a guitar forum...
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We all play guitar. This happens to be a guitar forum...

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I play guitar at home, i suppose i might be a decent rhythm guitarist. Havent really played publicly.

Im not a pro musician but have been paid for i suppose amateur gigs and am going to college to study music. Ill report back in a few years time.
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I don't really play guitar, I own one and used to play quite a lot but I'm not really into it these days. Not that I play bass much more. I've never played a gig, just parties and stuff.
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We all play guitar. This happens to be a guitar forum...

But he asked in the bass forum so let's assume the question is :

How many of you bassists also play guitar and can you play it well?
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I've never played a gig, just parties and stuff.

I consider a party a legit gig, maybe you're not getting paid for it but it ain't about the money, I would play a gig if there was no pay (eg. a party) unless I was touring or something then I probably wouldn't, gotta cover expenses.
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I play Electric bass, Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar.

Not signed but I do write and record music.

Day job working on cars.
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i cant play guitar...too many strings...i cant count how many strings a guitar has let alone play one! 4 is my limit i think. 4 strings and root notes. sometimes ill play with a pick to make it look more like im playing a guitar...but i know its a lie. god i wish i could play guitar! id have such a killer solo, just like herman li! but for now, ill stick to my main setlist which consists of AC/DC songs lets me work on my killer skills. i dont even know how people can play without guitars, how do you know what root notes to play?

anyways...this is dumb. just go to the next page of threads, i think theres a thread like this there...

stoopid and i hate you TS and i wish for you to never ask these questions again.

Also, I play "professionally" because I've been paid to play bass. yes i can live off of this, no i dont want to.
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I also play guitar, in a couple of bad metalcore bands. I would say I'm a better than average rhythm player and a bad lead player.

I want, so badly, to be a professional musician. Until then, my CVs will continue to clog up Burger Kings/McDonalds everywhere.

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I'm the guitar player in my band. I love playing acoustic, and electric is a great outlet for me, but bass is still where its at and one day i will get to actually play it in a band setting

...one day.
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I "play" acoustic and electric guitar (among many other things O_O) yeah. But I prefer bass, ofcourse
I wouldn't say I play guitar anymore. I have an acoustic that's gathering dust in the corner, but I think its been almost 5 years or so since I've picked it up.
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I do play the guitar, but that's for my own stuff. I play bass in a band for a living.
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I played guitar in various bands for about 10 years. I still play guitar at home. I was a competent rhythm guitarist in a few alt/punk/ska bands.
I play basic acoustic guitar, chords and the like.

But I'm a bassist at heart.
I started out playing both guitar and bass but bass is my main instrument in my band work.
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Play both. Been paid for playing both. Bass moreso however.
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Also how many of you just play music for a living no day job

These days that is extremely hard. None of the local professional musicians I know are able to do this. My bass teacher, who get calls out for gigs and recording all the time still has to do roofing once a week to keep his head above water.