I know, you've all heard it before...tubes are better than SS, period. Even I believed it and have owned Marshall and Fender tube amps. But that was a while ago and now I have a cheap SS amp I want to upgrade for a good metal tone. After a couple of threads on this site, everyone made me feel totally inadequate with my gear that over the weekend I went out trying tube amps deadset on taking one home. But, ironically, I haven't found one I considered worth the money that was going to revolutionize my sound. I tried a Marshall JCM 900, a Peavey Windsor (for the cash way better deal), a Peavey 5150 (badass) and a few Blackstars, that I'm actually leaning towards.

My point is...do you really NEED a tube amp to sound good?? After my shopping frenzie (that I'm putting on hold to sleep on it before dropping some major cash) I jammed out with my band and guess what? I was the same guitarist I was before and nobody complained about the sound through my cheap Fender Frontman 100W. I think they were concentrated more on the music. Go figure. Meanwhile inside I was stressing over my tone.

I know true distortion comes from tubes. But these days there's all kinds of stuff to substitute. Won't be better, that's not my point. My point really is does the difference between SS and tube (narrowing by the day) really even matter?

Some heroes that used SS:

Albert King
John Fogerty
many jazzers

You're telling me they sounded bad?

And Dimebag definitely sounded awful.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
tone is subjective. tubes sound more natural to me, but you may prefer the way an SS amp sounds. just try as many amps as you can, don't limit yourself to just tube or SS
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Quote by bubb_tubbs

And Dimebag definitely sounded awful.

Listen Canadian, just make sure you don't say that in Texas or you might not make it back over the border to order your next Canadian tuxedo.
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