New guitar day for me. I've wanted a gold top for about a year now and I finally got one this week. I'm a huge LP fan so I have a few to compare it to. This is a brand new 2011/2008 Standard.

First impressions:
-Looks fantastic, no fret buzz, electronics all work as they should. The binding is perfect and the rosewood fretboard is much nicer than my other 08.
-mmm the smell of nitro. My hands are going to be sticky for a month. And I don't mean that in a dirty way.
-It is important to note that the descriptions on the net are wrong for this model. The pickguard comes attached and they no longer have the dunlop straplocks.
-It also feels slightly lighter than my 2008 Standard Plus. If the weight of LPs was holding anyone back from getting one they have no excuse now.
-I'm super bias but I think it sounds great. I'm a big fan of the chambering. I play a lot without my amp and you can get a pretty big unplugged sound with it.

Hope you like the picks.
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Delicious, delicious goldtops.

More pics!

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Very Sweeeet!

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The back is gorgeous! HNGD
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Looks gorgeous. Congrats. Really gassing for a Goldtop lately.


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HNGD. she's a beaut. watch out, Gibsons get addictive. i have gone from zero to 6 in just over a year. lol.

i need me a goldtop now. GASSSSSSS
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It's a good day when a Gibson Les Paul arrives at your door. I remember the day mine came. I just couldn't stop smiling, my face actually hurt. It was my first Gibson and my first advanced, high end guitar.

No matter what people say about them, they blow the shit out of all the other guitars I have played.

I've been after a gold top for a while I'm not too sure if I like it though, that's the only thing putting me off. I think it'll grow on me, but for the time being, I'll stick with my Honeyburst Faded.

Gorgeous. I wish my Gold Top had the covered p/u's. Much sexier. congrats.
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I've been pegging for a gold top lately and this just makes it worse lol
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