Right, so I've got my grade 5 exam in about 3 weeks, and my practice was going pretty well until I moved house. And in the process, I appear to have lost the CD with the backing tracks on it that came with my grade 5 book. So practising is now somewhat problematic. I've trawled the internet and haven't found anywhere that I can download them from. So does anybody know where I can get them, or can someone be my guardian angel and send me the tracks if they have them? Thanks very much, this is my first time on the UG forums but it seems like a cool place, hope to be an active member in future
I think you'll need to buy the book again.
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Search youtube. Seriously, theres people on there, playing almost every RockSchool song. Good luck with the exam, I have my grade 8 in September.
Send us your e-mail address and I'l see if I can send them over tomorrow. I'm doing my 6 tomorrow (wouldn't say it's too bad seeing as I've only been playing 2 years in September haha)

What dya need?? Which songs etc?
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Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated i tried all the torrent sites, nothing there, and the rockschool site only gives you the tracks with the lead guitar in it, so the improv sections sound seriously messy. I'll PM you it Mick, cheers
If you have MSN i could probably send you them.

EDIT: i can deffinatly do that for you

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