After months of writing Fingerstyle material, i've completed enough tracks to record and create a Demo/EP.


There it is. Freshly completed last night.
I hope you all like it.

I'm going to submit this to Candyrat Records in a week after I have enough constructive criticism on my material.
I'm determined to get signed by their label sometime in the next 4000 years.
So stoked about this!

Going to start playing gigs and in public around here, as well as selling physical copies for a tiny bit of cash too.
I'm really hoping this will work out.

Critique for critique as always.

Any feedback would help me very much.
Thank you for taking your time to review my work.
I try my best. :]

EDIT: Just sent this to Candyrat Records.
Here's to hoping they'll get back to me sometime. :]
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Wow this is excellent! I can't say i listen to much music like this right now, but i know i should, i loved this. Very relaxing but very interesting at the same time. I liked the use of the stereo field instead of just completely mono all the way through too. The tapping at about 2:00 in is amazing! Very well done, good luck in the future mate
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Alright, I'm just listening through the 4 songs and until now I spotted some things.

First off, thank you for not compressing the tracks to death, I feel especially for music like that, dynamics are very very important.

Secondly, I think I can spot some timing issues with your double tracking. Also, one can hear new parts start and end, probably because of the background noise. (Or because I listen to it loud

Third thing I noticed, there is a lot of noise, I can hear you moving, breathing, sometimes I think I hear a chair moving. It's pretty quiet but still noticeable. I see that's it's a demo, but I still thought I mention it. Btw, I'm not sure, but I think I just heard a plane at the very end of "progression". Maybe it's just a fan of some sort.

Looking at the composition, everything sounds fine to me. Your playing is, besides smaller timing issues, solid and clean. The songs fit together well.

The guitar sounds sometimes reminds me at older Dashboard Confessional stuff, like Swiss Army Romance, and I love that stuff. Are you using open tunings in "The colors of Gray"? Sounds like it to me. Btw, awesome song. Again very DC-like.

Well, if you record that stuff properly in a studio, I see no reason why it shouldn't sell, besides that too few people appreciate such music.


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Harlot Hero,
Thanks for the kind recent reviews! "In Constant": intro guitar is sounding great (kind of reminding me of "Crystal Ship" by the Doors for some reason & a Goo Goo Dolls song). Fantastic playing & very nice tone! Sounds very professional to me. "Baby Ghost": similar guitar tone and style of playing, sounding very good once again. "Progression": another excellent recording! "The Colors": another excellent song, though the playing wasn't always as flawless as the other 3. I don't know if Borders still has relatively quite musical acts playing in their stores, but I think that might be a good place to start playing live if you can play these well live. Glad there ain't no screaming vocals on this! Really good material here! Hopefully it will take less than 3,000 years to get a deal, but careful what you sign. I read recently Toni Braxton has filed for bankruptcy twice and made less than $2000 on her big hit "Un-break My Heart" (35 cents royalty per CD sold, but she pays for expenses for everything).
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Hey thanks for the great feedback you provided on my originals, really appreciate it. Also my original "Irish Eyes" is played in the tuning DADGAD.

So I checked out your stuff and actually have little to no critiscism!! So here's just some feedback..

1. In Constant

Really nice song, kinda get the feel that it resembles leaving somewhere with happy memories..(dont ask why). The part 2.15-2.30 is genius... And I love the way you've introduced a strumming part, really adds to the song.

2. Baby Ghost

Although its a short piece its really easy to listen to. I also feel the title suits really well because it kinda sounds like a lullaby at the start.

3. Progression

Only a small critique... I've listened to the part 0.18-0.25 a couple of times to figure out the rhythm of your tapping but can't quite get it. Could be just me or you could be tapping too light?... Love when the higher notes are introduced from 0.44 onwards and the tapping towards the end.

4. The Colours of Gray (V2)

Good tune as well, not as technical as the others but what does that matter... From 2.44 onwards there's a real Celtic feel to it which I really like (Irish people like that kinda stuff ).

Overall I really like your stuff and it clearly shows you've got talent not only with playing but with composition.
Why not send this stuff to CandyRat??... If you don't try you'll never know what might have been...

P.S. If they sign you and you become rich and famous put in a good word for me
Hey thanks for listening to my track, I've listened to a couple of your songs now and I've got to say, as a musician I think your work is the best I've heard from this site so far. The music is great, and the songs are loaded with a complex structure. I really enjoyed the arpeggios, and I don't think I'd have to ability to play them like you did if I was given a million years to practice. Also, your chords sound really nice, they are crisp and clear. What guitar(s) are you using?
loved all of them, not really anything bad to say about that, really loved the harmonics in the songs as well..

One thing I really love in this style of guitar, is hitting the body of the guitar... You did that in the 2nd one and one suggestion i would have to try to hit the body while playing the guitar at the same time (like andy mckee does a lot). Im not saying your one is bad, i really like it but its just a suggestion that you might wanna try..

Here is my thread for C4C
This aint the type of music I listen to on a regular basis, but It was nice to listen to. The tracks prove you definately have some talent & i wish you luck.
definately not my cup of tea but it sounded great.

In constant: this song was really smoothing and your playing was really tight, there weren't any notes that seemed out of place or off, overall great song. Also i love the ending part.

Baby Ghost: once again the playings spot on in this one and I love the riff, I could see something like this being in a film, could easily imagine this with shots of some relaxing area.

Progression: I like how you added the knocking on the guitar and your guitar work really pulls through again, no complaints on this one awesome song.

The Colors of Gray (V. 2): This one also has that relaxing feel to it and as always your work on the gyuitar seems perfect, I honestly can't think of anything to crit on this.

Overall: All of the songs on this EP seem to be exactly what they need to be, the guitar all sounds good to me, and they never go on long enough to appear dull or repetitive. Good luck with the label =] and sorry for the late c4c xD
Yo man, good stuff. I guess the only real criticism I have is introducing clear melodies into your work. The harmonies, progressions, playing, and textures are all great, but if you listen to someone like Andy Mckee, there are very clear melodies. I love the lead stuff you're doing, the tappy stuff that's all over the place, I just feel like your stuff needs strong melodies to put it over the top in terms of instrumental music.
I'm not a huge fan of the acoustic guitar as I like to have dynamic effect in the playing. However; your playing is quite good. I think it would benefit from some modulation like delay, minor distortion, reverb to give it that bigger presence, however; this is a minor critique!

And like Say Ocean stated, some of your melodies sounded drowned out with all the speed, try picking notes and going with them, however; go with whatever resonates with your sound/personality.

Nice track!

Check out my instrumental: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1451665
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Hey, thanks for the crit!
I just listened to "In Constant" and it was awesome, the picking is just insane. I especially like the progression at 3:16. Best of luck with Candyrat, I'm a fan and I think your work is Candyrat material.
BTW, thanks for the advice on my own track, I tried panning the guitars to different channels and tweaked around with it a bit and reuploaded a new version; hopefully I made it sound better.

... Wow can I first of all say I'm quite awestruck by this. I loved the tracks. They were really well done, and I do hope you get signed by the label you're going for. To be honest this is really not the kind of music usually listen to but I really liked it.

In Constant: I really liked this track. I quite liked the chord progressions inserted in. They broke up what could have become a repetitive sound with the (admittedly impressive) finger picked arpegiations. I also really liked the harmonic ending. Didn't really spot anything I would criticize, but I'm not an expert either.

Baby Ghost: I loved your use of harmonics in the first progression. The only thing I can say about this track that wasn't perfect was I thought I could hear the hints of timing errors from around 1:10 most noticably at 1:22 -23'ish but that was only extrememly minor and could just be my ears playing tricks on me.

Progression: Not sure I was too much of a fan of the percussive break at the beginning. Thats only personal opinion though. It felt a tad out of place there for me. Kind of liek it broke up the flow of the song. If that was what you were going for then I will shut up right now =P.

Colors of Grey: I absolutely adore the opening progression here. Really liked the melody in the progression at around 2:20 ish

Overall, I really really liked this material. You have some great talent for composition and guitar. The material was brilliant and you gave a very solid performance of this throughout. This is definitely being bookmarked as a standard to reach with my acoustic playing.

If you ever release this material for purchase or download please let me know. I would definitely be interested!
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I am envious of your skill. Sounds great. What kind of guitar are you using? Excellent.

Would you mind giving Thinking of You a listen?


Thanks, It's an acoustic-electric diamond series Schecter.
Check your thread. I posted a while ago.
I listened to In Constant and it was pretty good. The finger picking was a nice touch and kept it from being repetitive. I hope Candyrat takes the time to listen to what you've sent because it's good. It actually made me feel more relaxed.
I am listening to In Constant and I am already in love.

Awesome production. The tone is gorgeous, when the riff comes in I started waving to the music. You have a great skill with fingerstyle which is something I am terrible at so major props!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1456949
in constant: the harmonics to kick it off are a nice touch. in one word, the guitar sounds masterful. it has a percussive feel while also being loose and flowing. ill note here that i really dig your enthusiasm and forwardness in putting your music out there, best of luck in hearing back from the record company. meanwhile the guitar part has built up nicely. the tone and recording is so clear, i could easily imagine popping this in on record and listening to it. the main part just came back and im still taken aback by it. and harmonics to end it too, very nice. i wish i had more to say in the way of productive criticism but you nailed this song and its a very well put together piece.

baby ghost: more harmonics? almost sounds as if they are tapped which got me thinking about whether or not the whole thing is. regardless, it sounds great and would probably be mesmerizing to watch. quite a bit of hand movement audible on this this one but not totally sure what can be done about that

progression: the end of the intro of this one is insane. the tapping that follows though seemed a little off. it doesnt seem like its supposed to be in time as much as just random hits but it still felt weird. maybe give that another look. at 1:07 you had a open string ring out too hard that i happened to catch. i really like the percussive presence that comes in just prior to 1:30 though it seems like the timing of the doubling of a few might be slightly off. another ending on harmonics. i love the sound of it but careful not to overuse certain things

the colors of grey: this one is a little tamer so far, a good song to end the ep, as i assume they are up in order. you achieved a real fullness in sound with the chord strumming that starts up. the melody that starts at 3:48 is really moving. it fits into the chords and the backing as one and carries a real uplifting mood. like the build up, but at its peak the strumming might have been slightly off time. an awesome closing to the set though

as a whole these 4 songs are awesome, they all fit together front to back to guide the listener through a nice little experience, while each is easily good enough to stand alone. you have a mix of longer and shorter pieces which i think is also a nice touch and i really like the colors of grey as a closing to the whole thing. again i wish there were more to say that would help you in making these better but i would buy this as is. just a few minor things to touch up. best of luck with it
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I quickly listened through all of the tracks and all I can say is I wish you luck!

You pulled of what you were going for, just perfectly (I think, if not - it's still pretty amazing! Even though it's not your typical radio music, I believe that there's a huge market for this in movies! Now I don't know what kind of artist the label has but you SHOULD also send this in to some kind of movie production company!

And don't get me wrong, it's not just background music. I can imagine how hard those songs actually are to play but yet they are also amazing compositions!

If you haven't, which I doubt - you should check out Leo Kotke!

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1456774 ?
Thanks for your feedback on my song !

I really like your style of playing, it has a great sound. I'm envious of your legato skills, it is really fast and clean! I listened to two of your tracks and have to say that your progressions and your melodies harmonize with each other. Although sometimes your legato pulls away from that, but if music wasn't dynamic it would be boring. One thing I would love to see is you mix an electric lead to complement the melody at some points on your next song, would love to see what you come up with! Just a suggestion of course, do what you feel is right. Best of luck with the record company!
Quote by metal105
That's nice, how you recording it? I think it needs some more warmth, but feckin hell you can pick. Reminds me of Andy McKee.
this is a style I'd love to do but I'm falling way short...do you need a certain set up/action for the guitars?


This, it reminds me alot of Andy MeKee, who is awesome btw.

It needs more low end to the guitars, it would help alot with the warmth, I'd say in the 100hz to 400 hz range, just to give the guitars a little bit more boom to them. I hate thin acoustic guitars, can't stand them, I think acoustic guitars should have some power behind them, and be very airy at the same time.

And thanks for not using a compressor on it, gives it alot of naturalness that other wise would be missing. I let my mic or mic amp naturally compress it, natural compression sounds way better than a compressor.

I think you could have a chance with this song, it's very good. I wouldn't worry about your double tracking too much, it's always hard to perfectly double track clean guitars.

Thanks for the crit btw
Having listened to all of the songs, all I can really do is reiterate the points that have already been made. Your technical skills are truly incredible, and you certainly know how to create intricate melodies for your compositions. I genuinly enjoyed every track, and I only have two points to make:

1) I agree that the guitars should have a smidge more bottom end, as this will give some of that warmth that is lacking in your current tone. This is not a huge deal.

2) Someone mentioned that they can hear all kinds of background noise on your recordings (breathing, fret buzz, etc). For my money, I actually prefer my tracks to have this quality, as I feel that it gives the recordings a more organic sound, as compared to many professional recordings, which sound like they were produced in the vacuums of space; every instrument sounds too perfect. This is all personal opinion, but I always feel like songs that sound "rougher" also feel more heartfelt.

I wish you all the luck in the world; I'm confident you'll do well for yourself!

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My Demo/EP is now up for download (name your price deal):

I definitely won't complain if you throw in a little money though.
I'd be saving up for better equipment for my next Fingerstyle Demo/EP.
Already started the writing process.

And to those who wanted to know if I heard back from Candyrat:
No, I haven't. I was really hoping I would get some kind of response.
No such luck yet.