ok so heres my issue,

i esstially write in prose (poetry that doesnt rhyme) and i REALLY want to learn to change what i write into an actual song.

my problem comes from the fact that original writing has no rhyming scale and kinda sounds "spoken wordy", im having trouble hearing a beat or melody for what im writing because it didnt have any when it was written

any suggestions??
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I run into that sometimes when writing, too. The only suggestion I can think of is to reword what you've written to make it rhyme yet keep the meaning. Finding synonyms might be tough but could be well worth it.
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I feel your pain. This problem is exactly the reason I began distinguishing my lyrics from my random writing/poetry when I write. I have never started with prose and ended up with any sort of decent song.

If anything, try taking one of your pieces and completely rewriting it in lyrical format. Take the basic theme and keep lines here and there that you really like, filling in blanks and completely removing parts where necessary.
something else you could do (those this is also done frequently when starting with more lyric-y songs) is write music entirely separate, with no connection to any previous lyrics or whatever. then listen back to it and go through the lyrics and see what starts fitting with what music and then tweak it to fit better
check out bands like American Football. their lyrics didn't really rhyme, but they still managed to pull it off.

it is pretty difficult.
I think the big thing is accepting that there isn't really going to be that "standard" flow to your songs. that isn't a bad thing though.

also, check out Owen. it's the solo project of the main guy from American Football, so it's pretty close, musically.
Lyrics don't have to rhyme. THe should convey meaning, otherwise it's not going to go any where. Jim Morrison (the Doors) wrote poetry that he turned into music as it was and was crazy popular because of it.