Im pretty noobish when it comes to the technical know how... All i know is my cab has blown, it has lost all sound clarity and pretty much sounds like... well farts.

I have no idea what is actually wrong with it but i would like to repare it. If anyone could give me help with what might be wrong and how i would fix it would be greatly thanked
Speaker cabs are literally just a box and a speaker, there's not much fancy about them, so if it's damaged, you've damaged the speaker itself most likely. Unfortunately, you might be ****ed... That sounds like the cone itself is ripped and if that's the case, there's not much you can realistically do about it.. it's vaguely possible to patch it, but not even worth it unless it's some kind of holy grail vintage deal.

My advice would be to open it up. Put some duct tape on it so you can hobble through it till you have the money to either buy a replacement speaker, or a new cab. It won't sound good, but it'll be better than what you've got at the moment.
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you could pick up a speaker on ebay and put that in your cab. If money is a problem, you might be able to find a second hand one in good condition.
Im not completly broke, but i cant really afford a new cab right now... But replacing the speaker would fix my problems? Because i know thats going to cost alot less than a whole new cab
It sounds like either the cone is torn or that the coil has been warped.
A replacement speaker would be suitable and much cheaper than getting a new cabinet.

However, I will say that 9 times out of 10 when something like this happens it is user error.
Be careful in the future about how you run your amplification system.

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Yeah, im pretty sure its from letting other people mess around with it at gigs and my work errors... I'll make sure im alot more careful in the future