Hi there, i'm kind of new to the whole recording thing. So i was wondering if i could get any feedback on how my cover of the end of heartache sounds and how i can improve it. I recorded all of the tracks myself. If you get a chance, i would like to get feedback on my bark at the moon (ozzy Osbourne) cover as well. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

Here is the link

Hi there,

Good start so far if you are new to recording! I think the guitars are a bit too loud compared to the drums, and also the cymbals are a bit 'wooshy' sounding. Listen to the timbre of the guitar and drums from the original in closer detail if you can, as I think you are after recreating the original as close as possible maybe? Also there are some timing issues is some of the guitar parts, and dont forget that in at least one of the versions of this track there are harmony octaves in the 2 guitar parts (theres the album version, and then the resident evil 2 film version) so you might want to consider those elements.

Overall if this is your first few attempts at recording, its a good start! Some tips would be to also add more reverb to the lead parts in the track, experiment with panning the different guitar takes & adjust the drum timbre to being as close to the original as possible

Well done!,

needs some vocals and the drums need to brought up..... perhaps more of an eq issue than levels....
Pretty good cover. Guitar playing was clean and I liked your tone. As others have said, just raise the volume of the drums.