Poll: American Tele Special or Gibson Les Paul Faded?
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3 21%
Les Paul
11 79%
Voters: 14.
Hello, I have been using my Gibson Les Paul Faded for about three years now, I love it, yet it has some drawbacks. Playing live blows because it can be so "clumbsy" I have a good friend who recently went away for college and wants to sell me his Fender American Telecaster Special for $600. Do you think it's worth selling my gibson over?

I have always loved telecasters, but have not had a chance to play this one, I am just looking for input thanks!
I've got a Faded and wouldn't ever sell it. It's an amazing piece of kit. You should be able to get much more than $600 for it.
If I were you I would not sell the Gibson. I'd keep it, but you have to decide which guitar you prefer. Which sound do you prefer? What sound are you trying to achieve?

It may be worth having both guitars since they are VERY different, if you can afford it. I have a les paul and a strat, and it's great having the options of playing one of these 2 very different guitars. depending on what sound I'm going for.

personally like teles, but I love les pauls.
they are really completely different guitars. choose which ever suits you best.
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