This is a problem i've had many times over the years,but it normally fixes itself.If i don't on e of my guitars for a long period,the neck pick-up stops working.But after a while starts to work again.
But my Washburn EC29 neck pick-up is very quiet,and seems to be stuck that way.It has fixed itself before,but i think its broke forever,unless of course someone here knows a trick to getting working again.
I have tried using fader lube on it,but that hasn't worked...any ideas.

Quote by Badorphan
Electrical problems never fix themselves. Get a soldering iron and some thin solder wire. Open that bad boy up, plug it in and start touching wire contacts one at a time and MAKE IT FAIL. When you find your bad wire, solder it!
In case you doubt me... http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Badorphan/pictures/personal/259451/

yeah, i think i'll get an iron,cheers.