Peavey 6505 head
Peavey XXX head
Krank Rev. Jr Pro head (50 or 20 watt)
Bugera 6262 head
Bugera 333xl head

Best metal head (out of the selection above) for tones like Killswitch Engage/As I lay Dying/Arch Enemy/Parkway Drive?
Well as 3/4 of those bands use a boosted 6505, id say a 6505
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For those bands, probably the 6505. XXX is also an awesome amp, bright for my tastes but great none the less. Kranks are very love/hate, I like them but you might hate them. I have no experience with those bugeras so i can't comment but I've heard good things.

They're all relatively comparable, it's up to you to decide which suites you best.
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I would say 6505, or 6262, but I would suggest playing and listening to them all to see.
i nailed those tones using the Bugera 6262 (but a combo version) and a tubescreamer type pedal. If you wanna save a little cash i would go with it, maybe try the XXX though if you get the chance. pretty kick ass amp
whats your budget??

6505 will probs be best tbh tho
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whats your budget??

6505 will probs be best tbh tho

I have 500$ saved up right now, but once i sell some of my other equipment i will have around 700$.
Look into the Krank Rev Jr Pro if you want the Doomsday Machine sound... I think the Krank Rev+ was used on that album.
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