Hi guys, this may be a stupid question or not, I'm really not sure...
Basically today I got a Peavey Renown 400, it's a huge upgrade in terms of volume and power compared to my Peavey Vypyr 15, however the Vypyr has a lot of different effects which I'd like to use on the Renown.

I imagine it would probably be best to just go for a multi effects pedal, however I was just wondering if I could plug my Vypyr into the Renown into the "preamp" socket in the back of the amp in order to just use the speakers of the Renown. Is this possible? Cheers
pretty sure that bypasses the Renown's preamp, which means you would be using the vypyrs preamp. i did this once with a multi effects pedal just to see waht would happen.

i could be wrong though
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If the vypyr has an effects loop you can run a cable from its send into the return of the peavey renown. That way you would use the vypyr preamp and the renown poweramp and speakers.
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