Hey guys was just wondering if you guys could come check us out, we've got 2 songs up on myspace and soundcloud atm, we've been around for a couple of months and are hoping to record our debut E.P this summer, tell us what you think!


Good stuff!

"Letters" has a unique build-up as well as set-up. The lead guitar part around 1:40ish is pretty catchy sounding. I was a little disappointed that it dropped off into the breakdown so suddenly, I kind of wanted it to keep going for a little longer. Just personal preference though.

"Azure" has a nice driving force to it. I'll use the term "road trip song" because thats what it feels like. Like something good to cruise around to. Bass is nice and punchy. Like the lo-fi radio sounding ending.

Overall, both songs were pretty good. Id like to hear more stuff from you guys.
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