I'm assuming this is the right sub-forum for this, if not I apologize.

I have an Ibanez s470qs, which is currently set up for CGCFAD. I accidentally tuned the low C down too far while tuning down from DGCFAD. Now when I play opens when I'm not plugged in the string buzzes. It's not really a big deal because I'm not a newb who chugs / you can't hear it when you're plugged it. I just feel obligated to fix it because I'd rather my guitar not have any problems, no matter how small. Nothing else seems to have gone wrong other than the buzzing as a result of my mistake. I feel like its probably not a big enough of a deal to justify bringing it into the shop.

How do I fix this?
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you may have to raise the action little but if it is hitting against one of the frets and or get aheavier gauge strings. worked for me lol
Go below the pitch and tighten up to C? Retune the whole guitar and see if it makes a difference.