How does the Peavey 6505/5150's distortion differ from the XXX's?
I am really thinking about getting an XXX since i cannot find any 6505s within my budget which is 500-600$.
Please tell me if there is that much of a difference and some of the ups and downs of each amp.
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You have made so many threads.

Yeah i know. Im just trying to find out more about the amp... since i cant find one to test around where i live.
You can get a 5150 for $600 if you're patient enough.

As for how they sound... youtube dude. Youtube. It's much easier to just listen for yourself than for us to try to quantify tone in words.
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You have made so many threads.

+1 you have 5 open threads that have been replied to today. you know, some stuff you have to research yourself.

ever heard of searching?
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