I have a brand new Fender Mustang III amp that is buzzing like crazy. I'm using a brand new Schecter Tempest Standard guitar and it buzzes when i'm not even playing anything. I have the master volume turned up to 1.5. Please tell me this isn't normal. It's all i hear. I tried plugging my acoustic into it and it made the same sound. Please help.
Mine works fine. It's probably a problem with the amp, interference can't be that bad.

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I am playing in a room with tv and sterEo equipment but it shouldn't be that big of a deal. I guess I'll take it back
This exact same thing happened to me with my Vypyr, turns out my guitar cable went bad. Try a different cable if you have one.

Then again, if you also have another amp and it doesn't buzz with the same cable, then you can rule that out.

Just a thought.
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try a different cable.

if that doesn't work, try a different room with no electronics in it. tv's are really bad for interference.

if those fail, take it back
Does it buzz if you plug your guitar and cable from it, and leave it on?
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