I decided I wanted to get a jazz bass as my second bass guitar, I already own an affinity P that I'm going to upgrade and I wanted to get a better, higher quality instrument because I'm at that point where I think it would help motivate my playing. My budget is roughly $1000 and I'm open to suggestions from other brand if someone can think of something that would blow either of these out of the water, but I do need to get a hard case for it as well. I play mostly Hard rock/metal but I'm getting very into Jazz, funk and classical type stuff and so I think the versatility I'd get from a Jazz would be a good move.....plus they're freakin' sexy

So I found these two, the VM will cost me $550 AUS and the MiM $900 AUS + I get a free case. I'll end up buying a case for the VM which won't cost me more than $150. Which of these two would be a better option? I've heard people bag out on the MiM's before but from what I've seen/played they're incredibly good instruments. I've also played the VM and it felt pretty good, not as good as the MiM but still a nice bass.

What are people's opinions on these two basses?
mims are better than vms but not really enough to justify the 300 price difference.
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If you go new get the VM, if you go used get the MIM
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Get a slightly used Vm. Itl be cheaper and when you mod it a bit, youll have the better bass. Personally, I believe that Vm Jazz basses are better than their MIM counterparts. Every MIM jazz that I have played has had an meh tone at best. The Vm jazz is lighter, and it rocks the tone aspect.
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Get a Squier CV Jazz... A liiiittle more expensive than the VM... but, IMHO, the pickups are MUCH better, and it has an overall nicer feel. Completely gig-worthy out of the box.

Also, i like the 60's jazz spacing more than the 70's.

Just my opinion

FWIW... i own a MiM Jazz. But i played a TON of them. The new Squier CV and VM basses are almost ALL good quality new... the MiMs are totally hit and miss. So, i'd say a good MiM is better than any of the Squiers... buuut... a bad MiM is rubbish compaired to the VM and CV lines.
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As I understand, if you get a VM jazz bass, they will be
either bass wood, agathis or soft maple.

Agathis and bass wood are inferior woods but the are
tonally acceptable. Bass wood has the advantage of
being very light. Both these woods will not hold screws
well and have a lower resale value.

If you want a light bass, go with bass wood.

If you want quality wood, go with soft maple. Soft maple
takes stain easier than regular maple because of a more
open grain. Otherwise soft maple is interchangeable with
regular maple. Both soft and hard maple are very good
quality for bass bodies.

The MIM's don't sound as good as the VM and CV for the
most part, but if you get one with a nice neck and a alder
or ash body, you have a good platform to improve on.

Contrary to popular opinion, if you find an Affinity with a
nice neck and an alder body, you have a platform just as
good as most MIM's.

That's my two cents,

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Agathis and bass wood are inferior woods but the are
tonally acceptable.

Anyways, more on point: MIM's have a bit of a hit and miss reputation. That said, I really do think they get more flak then they deserve. The VM and CV Squiers get praise for their consistency in QC, which they deserve, but they're not head and shoulders better then your average MIM Fender. In general, the best Squiers are comparable to an average MIM (better then your lemon of an MIM), but the better of the MIM Fenders will still be a step above. For the best value, go used on an MIM, just give it a try first, like you would with any other bass.
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I must have bad luck with MIMs. Every time Ive played one, its been a lemon. With ONE exeption, and that was a precision bass.
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