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Latest track up on my soundcloud, I just finished it up. I spent a little more time on this one, so let me know what you think! Leave a link and I'll c4c too

The drums made it sound more laid back than i would've expected comparing it to the guitar tracks (I would've totally put in double kick lol, although i did like your drums). I also liked the tone of the lead guitar, tight playing.

keep it up.
Truthfully I couldn't rap my head around this track. It's a little generic for my taste. The beat is way too predictable. Drums could use some more double bass. I enjoyed that little lead around 1:58. The reverb for that sounded awesome. You should grow more into that.

The song would really shine if you added faster drums and more double bass.

Ty for the crit I appreciate it. Please take my opinion with a grain of salt. Keep writing bro.
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yo dude, i liked what you have. alot! i listened to all of your stuff, but only commented on the first track. the mixing was good, the drums sounded too.....someting....i cant place it. it wasnt double bass though. maybe here and there. keep up the good work. and please crit my soundcloud too. thanks!
It's interesting but the guitar could be played a bit tighter, with that much distortion it gets muddy unless its perfect. I like the part at 1:48 a lot, but generally the drums are kinda lacking, they have too much treble on them and it starts to get hard to listen to after a while because of it. I still like it though, keep it up!

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Hey man. It seems like the drums were holding too much back. The track needs to sound more full, and I can't even hear any bass in there (if there is any). Not really my style but i did like the lead work and all of the transitions. If you could please, check out my new song and crit it. Thanks!

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I enjoyed the composition a lot. very interesting arrangement of effects especially around 1.15. I agree with soundcloud comment that it sounds like buckethead (means its good, very good). Maybe throw some bass there? And lyrics?
Wow, the drums must be too quiet cause there's double bass all over the track! Ah well, what can I say I'm not a drummer. First time I used beatcraft was a week ago. So I appreciate all the pointers in that area. Thanks everyone for all the critique, I will C4C promptly!