Hi, heres another generic classified for y'all!

I'm a 18yr old guitarist based near Chippenham, wiltshire - have easy access to bath/bristol/swindon and the surrounding area. Played for 6-7 years, experience gigging and in the studio.

I'm not going to uni so that I can spend my time working on music. I have good gear, constantly updating it - and access to drums/recording facilities/practice space and I have a good understanding of the music industry.

Keen to work on post-rock/math-rock projects eg. God Is An Astronaut, 65 Days Of Static, And So I Watch You From Afar, Long Distance Calling, Mogwai, Tall Ships, EITS, Giraffes? Girrafes!, Maybeshewill, You Slut!, Irepress, From Monuments To Masses, The American Dollar, Gifts From Enola

I'm not restrained to this at all, as I love all types of music and listen to waaaaay more than what I've listed. I would happily put effort into anything except your average death metal so give me a shout! Can also work over the internet so I can do online collaborations too.

Looking for good musicians who want to work solidly on music and gig as much as possible, with a view to earning a living from it.
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Hey I'm also a guitarist looking to join or form a band that plays that kind of music, I'm based more near Salisbury and iv written my own songs (guitars, bass, and drums) but the trouble iv had finding someone that likes the same kind of music AND is also committed is crazy! but any way here is a link to the kind of music i play:


If you're interested give me a message.