any idea how to get the sound of the rhythm guitar?

I'm using an Epiphone Les paul custom and an Orange rocker 30 through a Marshall 4x12 1960a. I know I can't get it bang on with this set up but any suggestions on how to get it close?

Thanks Jamie.
You've got some good stuff, except for your guitar. Maybe upgrading your pickups will do the trick?..
Turn your gain down to about 2 play on the clean channel and turn it up loud. It's only a slightly crunchy breakup they have got going. Boost your bass and mids too and if you have a presence control lower that too
that sounds like it was recorded using a single-coil loaded guitar, so you'll only be able to get so close

that being said, run your gain quite low, boost treble a little, and run your mids just below half.
Reminds me of Sum41 clean/crunch tone. It's probably played with a single coil guitar, a bit of gain and reverb and a good vintage amp.
I saw them live the other day and yeah it was played on a single coil guitar
Thanks guys, i'll try it out.