Poll: Should the music video have amps in it?
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View poll results: Should the music video have amps in it?
6 67%
No, have the guitar cables just run off shot
2 22%
No, Dont have them plugged into anything!
1 11%
Voters: 9.
Tomorrow I'm filming a music video with my Rock Band.
I was wondering your thoughts.
Should we have guitar/bass amps in the music video/shot?
Or not, have the guitars and bass plugged in but then the lead just 'leads' out of shot.
OR guitars and bass not plugged into anything?

Thanks for your input
how about no leads and play a 3 minute solo outside a church in a sort of desert setting ?

or: its up to you really! film 15/20 seconds of each and watch them all and decide if you don't know what you want ?
doing the entire video inside of a Toysrus. with a bunch of old men searching for small little boys.
Internet trolls are like sap in trees. sticky and annoying, but good on pancakes.
I always think having amps in the background looks badass, depending on the scene of course.

...As long as you have some kick-ass looking amps that is