I've been learning some more advanced solos for myself.

I'm not good at tabbing very fast licks, and i've been learning by a tab
The song is Not Ready to Die by Avenged Sevenfold


The particular part i am struggling with replicating the correct sound is 3:45 - 3:55.
I can't identify whether or not it's 100% legato or not. I play it about 90% legato, and add in some picking now and then. Legato is my weakness as a lead player, so i think this particular section will help me a lot, and it infact has.

I've been using this tab:

I can almost play it up to speed, and i feel i will be there soon with more practise, but when i do play it near speed it still doesn't sound right. I can't figure out whether it's the tab itself (which is my assumption) or whether or not the entire thing is hammerons and pullofs, with no picking involved, because i know using the pick changes the sound.

If anybody could help out on achieving the sound i want, and identifying what the problem is it would be much appreciated.
Thanks (:

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I would suggest it's not all legato, its slightly accentuated on string changes, where he's picking, some of it is sweeping too, so that also accentuates as its not legato.

edit: if you have it, i looked at the gp version to hear it better with the tab.
I did have GP 5 until a couple months ago. I started downloading guitar pro tabs and it said i need an updated version of GP to open the tabs.
I thought that i might need GP 6 so i torrented it (i torrented GP 5 also) and i couldn't get a GP 6 torrent working.
So for now i don't have any GP because well... it's totally broken and i don't care enough to torrent GP 5 again and to probably have it break once more.
It is all legato with tapping until that last run which is alternate picked.
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Well, the beginning of the fast bit at 3:45 is legato on e, then sweeps down, and has a fast legato run down the strings from e again...its basically mostly legato except for the very last run in the last bar of that solo, i think.

edit for above: Im playing it without tapping.
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