Original Song I posted in this thread.
Until Death - Cannabalistic Devourment

New song I just finished mixing by them.
Until Death Song Two

there facebook link!

Until Death Facebook


So I'm trying to start a little business recording bands, this is the first band I've properly recorded(apart from my own stuff)
I did not charge them, as I am working for free until I get a reputation.
The style may not be for everyone, but I am more keen on mix critics.
First up I HATE the kick sound, I hate it.
the reason I didn't change it is because I moulded the mix around it to try something "new" but after finishing it I really didn't like it, tried to put in a different kick, didn't fit the mix, so I had to live with it.
My monitoring situation isn't the best, shitty P.A speakers in mono and a pair of AKG k44 headphones, I really need monitors.

Until Death - Cannabalistic Devourment

Until Death Facebook Page

I'd be quite keen on ANY crit.
The mix was done quite quickly, and there is a lot that I would change, and there is a lot that I could do better, but without getting paid motivation is lacking, and I am a full time student, so time is scarce.
Anyway, no more excuses.
Tell me what you think!

Also, if you're keen, here is my recording things Facebook
ZanAri Records

Thanks for your time!

EDIT: Also, if this is in the wrong place, sorry! I don't know where else to put it :/
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You really shouold not be recording for free. That sounds excellent. The kick drum does sound a bit dumb, but I am not a fan of the heavy metal kick drum sound at all. My headphones aren't very good quality, but after you listen to it for a while, there's so much smack and treble that it sounds like hands clapping. Everything else sounds fine on my cheapy headphones, why can't metal kick drum?

Anyway, that sounds excellent, my only crit is the guitar tone. Did you record their amps or did you use modelling software? If it was their amps then it's not your fault obviously, they have bad amps.

Start charging for recording, even if its only a minimal amount, seriously.
Thanks heaps for the feedback man!
Really means a lot!
And I'm REALLY glad you dig it.

Yeah, there was something weird going on with the highs and I couldn't quite pinpoint it, and then I sent them a mix revision and they dug it so we just went with it.

I think I've over compensated with it, instead of making it sit in the mix I have just turned it up and cranked the highs so it cuts, it really sticks out, in a bad way.

Guitar tone is modelling, it is easily my weakest point, I've never really tried tweaking it, I usually just hi pass/lowpass and maybe a small cuts, but never really tweaked the knobs as I would with a real amp, I don't know why I haven't, I guess I'm just lazy and really don't actually know what I'm looking for/doing, I'm so used to real amps :/

Thanks again man!
I think I may try to implement prices soon, I'm glad that people actually think it is work paying for!
I don't really know where to set the prices, I want to be affordable so I can get bands in, but I don't want to end up doing 100 hours of work and only getting $50 for it, I guess that something I will have to think about more.


Also, checked your original, AWESOME stuff man, really did not expect that at all!
It's sounds pretty IMO sure ive only hear throught my laptop speakers but it sounded pro enough to be more then a demo. You did a good job.

It's good that he's offering it for free the first few times so he get real experience and he can build a portfolio so he can attract more artists afterwards.

Im curious about your settings? what are you using? are you recordinghome?
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Thanks heaps for the feedback Necromicon.

And thank you very much ShevanelFlip!
So stoked people dig!

Well setting for drums are as follows.
Overheads are Superior Drummer The Metal Foundry.
Hi-passed around 700ish and compressed slightly.
Kick is mainly The Metal Foundry default kick with some heavy processing, mainly scooping mids, slight bump in the bass(maybe a shelf too), a bit of a boost in 3k and maybe higher.
Not sure how much I compressed it.
That is blended with an eq'ed Steven Slate Drums kick 10, then to the master kick drum group and eq'ed again with similar settings, then Gclip on it(and maybe a comp again)

Snare is mainly slate snare 10 z1 and z4(I think?) or snare 2, blended with the stock metal foundry snare compressed REALLY hard, not sure on the eqing, probably cutting a little bit of the mids, boosting the thump of the snare(i think around 200hz) and a high shelf to add some brightness.
Sent to master snare group, gclip and probably eq'ed and compressed again.

Toms are the Steven Slate Drums Maple toms, not sure on my settings here, thinking compressed with a 4 to 1 ratio, not sure on my attack and release times, all the tails of the toms are automated to fade out quicker(the original tails took up too much space in the mix) then sent to master tom group and gclipped.

Bass guitar is split into two channels, one the grind channel(all dirty) which is hi passed relatively high(700ish maybe) and has a overdrive on it.
second channel is just lows.
Then sent to master bass group which I THINK had Ampeg SVX on it(SVT-4 amp) and then limited to all hell(so there is minimal volume changes)

Guitar I think is LePou Legion, with the Catharsis S-Press High impulse.
All knobs at noon, with an overdrive in front.
It may be Lepou LE456, not quite sure(I can look tomorrow if you would really like to know, I don't mind)
Sent to master guitar group with a hi/low pass and a cut at 4kish.

Vocals are about 4 tracks through most of the whole thing(vocalist was really tight).
Unsure of what I did eq wise, limited hard.
The master vocal group was then sent to a effect buss with delay and reverb and another channel with an overdrive on it to add some more grit to the vocals.

Recording at home with a M-Audio 2626 with reaper.
Vocal mic was a SM7b(AWESOME mic)
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hey thanks mate for the in depth details, I just started college for music production\recording and ive got 2000$ from the gov to buy a new steup, mainly I realy need a new interface. So i like to know what other people uses.

But anyway keep on going, you're good. Goodluck with future projects.