I'm currently hand sanding off the paint of this guitar down and plan to spray paint it black and white evh style. or just plain white?

btw, here's the question. I need some opinions on Dimarzio DP158 (neck) and Jackson J50BC (Bridge) combination on it. are they really good pickup combination or just ok? and is it possible to have a JS or S(herman Li) style body on it? or just something close? is it safe?
It's possible to carve the body down to a JS or S style. The JS would be simpler. To get the general look you could just run a router around to body to round over the outer edge about 3/4in. The S is a bit more difficult and would require either some time with a belt sander or a router table to carve both faces. As for the pups, have a look in the pickups thread and ask there if you're still unsure...
i think i might send to a local luthier here to do it someday.. btw, routers are expansive here in malaysia. thats a major problem for me. :/
jigsaw and a sander can make your body go from:


same body, just added a top layer. could have just as easily reshaped it and refinished it.
you can make the body whatever shape you want as long as the electronics routing lets you, and you leave support for neck and bridge. so basically just within reason...
i think i'll pass on the body. coz i only have sandpapers and an old saw for now.. hehe..