Walked into a random pawnshop with a friend yesterday and found this ancient looking green Peavey sitting there. Headstock says its a dyna-bass, its this tree-frog green shade, I played it through a Fender guitar combo they had there, and it sounded pretty great. Had a nice tone for blues past about the 6th fret it sounded amazing. The bass had a passive/active switch, a set of two old vintage looking knobs, and then a set of three more modern looking knobs. It had some pretty serious body damage, chipped paint on front of the body, the back, and some chipped off the neck, but played fine. They wanted $300 for it, which I know is too much for the shape its in, but I wanted to know if anybody knows anything about these basses? I couldn't find much on google, except for a different model of the dynas, not this one I was looking at. I don't know if I'd buy it, considering the shape its in, unless I could talk it down very significantly, but I was just kinda curious about the history of the bass. Thanks!
You played it through a guitar amp? And a Fender at that...

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If the neck is OK and the truss rod works it should be a great bass.
I've seen a few of these where the neck was crap and couldn't be
fixed. Other than that, it can be an awesome instrument.

One version has ferrite pickups which are highly regarded and
the other version has more conventional pups. Either one is a
gem if it plays good. They were very well made.

$300 is over priced. You may be able to find one cheaper if you
live in the USA.

Oh I forgot to mention,

there is nothing wrong with playing a bass
through an amp.

Even if it's a Fender???

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Oh I forgot to mention,

there is nothing wrong with playing a bass
through an amp.

Even if it's a Fender???


Playing a bass through a guitar amp can cause damage to the speakers, since guitar speakers are mid range speakers, and can't handle the low end.
It wasn't my amp, it was at a pawn shop, and they had no bass amps to test it out, gosh what you want me to do? Haul my own amp in there?