My DVD player died and I need another one. I'll traid a pickup, or two, for a good USA or UK dvd player. anybody interested?
Not taking any online orders.
Traid? As in trade?
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Might wanna say what pickups
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^depends on what you are after. I build custom pickups for a living so I've got a LOT of pickups to choose from. Humbuckers, strat style, tele style, or P90's are all options and can be provided in both vintage styles and modern styles. I don't want to trade a 350 quid set of pickups for a 25 quid DVD player but would traid a 150 quid pickup for a 75 quid player. Any reasonable offers will be considered.
Not taking any online orders.
Sounds good to me. Just send me a PM to let me know exactly which pickup you are after, which position you want it for, and what colour you want the cover to be. I can have it shipped within the week.

I'm still interested in a 2nd dvd player if anybody else has something they want to swap.
Not taking any online orders.
Hey man I'm not sure if you've tried pm'ing me as my laptop charger broke last night so am using my phone untill a charger arrives hopefully tomorrow.

In the meantime, my email address is lukestace29@btinternet.com

I get emails straight to my phone so it'll be much easier too.

Thanks, Luke
Figured out how to get onto my pms on my phone. Can't reply though!

That's all good. I get paid on saturday so ill send one out then.

Thanks man...could you just email me so I have your email address too please?

Thanks again
So that's one of these DVD's sorted. If anybody has anything else they want to get rid of, whether it's new or you I don't care. I'm just looking for something that I can play DVD's on and prefer it's something that can Be region hacked because I've got half of my DVD's from the USA and about 40 % from the UK. The rest are from Japan and Australia so I want to be able to play them tow. That said, I'm still happy with an uncrackable dvd because I'm still happy to simply use 2 different DVD players for the American and British DVD's.
Not taking any online orders.