Hello everyone, I decided to buy el-guitar and choosed 2 :

1. Epiphone SG Special

2. Epiphone Les Paul Special 2

Can u give me advice which one is better? I'm confused.

Thank you.
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same quality, different model. I played the Lp for 5 minutes...then gave up. it's horrible!
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they are EXACTLY the same, only one has a les paul body and the other is sg. everything will be the same except for that, so it's just your personal preference of which body type to go with
exact same guitar and neither one is very good.

try to get together enough money for an epiphone G-400. its a much better guitar than either one of those
Either get some more money and get something better or shop used, as you can get something a lot better for that price if you look. I had one for 3 years and wasn't happy with the purchase I made poorly for a long while. If you found one that was better then the others, then go for it they are the same except for the shape just pick the one you like the look of better.
It's the same guitar with different body shape. I'd go for something else, tho, they're very cheap and the quality is quite low.
I'd get the SG personally because I already have the LP SPII

Anyways, don't worry if you can afford a better guitar... Iif it''s your first, you probably won't notice a big difference anyways. Just get a tuner.
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