Hello everybody.
Today I got given a 70s Japanese Les Paul by a friend.

This guitar is in a terrible state, so what I plan on doing is just fixin' her up. Change the pups and the bridge etc.

Now I also want to paint her. The guitar is completely black, and I want to give her an EVH style paint job with black and yellow.

My question is, should I strip the paint off anyway and apply my own base of black before the yellow stripes, or should I just go ahead and apply the yellow stripes as it is?

Also, what paint would be ideal to use?
Thanks in advance.
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You'll 1st need to strip it. Then use a white or other light base. Then apply the YELLOW as a 2nd base. Then use slices of tape to mask off the yellow where you want the stripes, and then paint the whole guitar black. Strip the tape off and the stripes are there. If you want the job to be good, you should read some guide to guitar painting - there's a lot of processing involved for each coat before adding the next one. You'll have to even out the yellow and black coats, and also add several clear coats is you want it to last, wet sand them, and buff the whole thing. It's not as easy as you'd think, but with good instructions it's not supposed to be too difficult, either. Good luck, anyway.

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^ that, but be sure to test the P'ups before throwing them out..Alot of them tend to be pretty good...

What brand is the guitar?
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The guitar has no brand or serial number.
The pups weren't that great, I did test them, and I only know it's Japanese because at the bottom of the tailpiece and bridge it says ''L.P. Bridge Made in Japan''.
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hold on, ill find you the pdf on painting EVH style,
EDIT: Just uploaded it for you.
You'll probably have to sand/remove the clear coats on it anyways, or the yellow wouldnt adhere.
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Hello again guys.
Right I've been hand sanding the front of the body, and I've managed to make it look like this:

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Are the whiter parts more paint? And do I need to sand them some more, or are the darker parts some sort of lacquer that I need to sand off?

Again, sorry for the dumb questions (If they are), as this is my first time doing this.

Thank you.
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