Hey guys so I just wanna see what's your input on something I got going on. SoI wanna get a Bigsby tremolo on a epiphone les Paul I have but at the same time I wanna get a new guitar, a telecaster to be exact, so what do u u guys think. I did the math and well it comes out the same whether I get either one. Just a thought
Get a tele. This is wrong forum though, try "Electric Guitar"
you're a stone fox
Get a tele.
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everything that you've come to expect

get a tele
attach a bigsby to said tele

everybody wins (well, you win twice)
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Fender makes (or made) a couple tele models that come standard with bigsbys on them. Get one of those. Look on craigslist or ebay 'cause I think they may have been discontinued.
Get a Tele deluxe.
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I can't think of many things cooler than a bigsby, but if you want some versatility in your range of tone, i would go for a tele, maybe go for a bigsby later or a tele with one on it.

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