Got it about a month ago. Then went and got myself banned XD Woops

Hasnt really been had to wait though. Had stuff to do!

Like play it. Alot.

What is it?????

Oh God..... is that Pink???? Only cool people have pink in their guitar cases!!

Too much pink, possibly, even for a pimp like me?

Perhaps some....

Red would offset it?

Some flamed red Sorry for the terrible picks!


The review......

A 1993 Gibson ES335.

Standard control systems with a three way switch and some 57 pups. Might replace, will decide when I get a new tube amp to play with it (Few more days - traded in the old one yesterday because it was way to loud :P ) . A nice flamed maple top, not to 'jumpy' but the stripes are thick and show up well in the right light. Everything is stock apart from the tonepros bridge which frustrated me at first, until I realised that I had to undo the little mini-hex things to adjust the bridge height

You see this and think blues? Alot of my the people I run into do .. but... I don't really play blues heavily. So why did I get it? ( You can tell it would do em!) Being a Streetlight fan (music and Toms tone) I love the character that this guitar has in its cleans. It murders most ska, from the toots to more modern stuff like street light and five iron frenzy whilst adding a bit of woody uniqueness. Unplugged this is even more apparent, I have played ibanez hollows before and the difference shocked me (in a nice way!!) And yeah. IT wont do metal that well. Ah well. Thats what my spear is for and I havent been playing it recently!

The only downer for me is that I cant really play it at night whilst my sis is sleeping - I can my solid body.

Soon to join it is a HT-5 (to go with my new(ish) 412 with V30s ) and a compact mixing desk with all the inputs and outputs to have fun at night with friends and a backing tracks!

The action was silly low when I got it. I like low action, and thin necks ect. But this was SILLY!!!! There was fret buzz everywhere so I got all scared and brought it to my local ' luthier / teacher' (Lucky me!) He went on to comment that the neck was as straight as an arrow (an arrow shaped like a guitar neck with the exact right amount of relief) and he would not be able to improve the frets - I thought that this was rather impressive for a guitar almost 20 ears old. Then he fiddled with the bridge for about 15 mins, sent me packing and now it plays like a beauty!

The finish is nice, as already stated. However the first of two , thankfully small, defects is a laqure crack next to the upper bridge pin. I had it checked out and its just the laqure, nothing to be worried about. The second is on the finish around the nut. It stops abruptly, and looks like a crack in the plastic, bone or whatever. (It sounds good - thats what matters !! ) Lucky its not a biggie and I am still ecstatic with my purchase

Well... I got bored of waiting and made a snap decision to get it on flea-bay. Worth it? Yes! I must admit that previous to now I have been REALLY sceptical about getting a Gibson (paying for the name issues and all that) but calmed myself by sitting down and explaining that when I sold it (Probably will not happen, so don't get to hopeful!!) I would make the buyer pay for the name again. It worked! Pulled the trigger and, for now at least hit. Happy ever after!

Hope that counts as an in-depth enough review. I may expand it and stick it on the site when I have owned the axe for a bit longer

TLDR: I got a gibby

EDIT: Why am I called a UG bard king in my user description??? I didn't type that, I promise!! Ah. The benefits of being free to post again!

EDIT 2: Just realised that I typed 'bard king'! Its a sign, I am changing it!!!

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Thanks Guys. Its good to be back. I gotta stop playing around about now... untill I get my headphone amp

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Very nice HNGD, keep the pickups, 57's are great.

Thanks. Well. I will listen and see. See if I can nail that sort of skaish and really aparrent in the mix apparent because it cant really be heard in a disturbing fashion sound that I am after

Time on earth is like butterscotch; you really want more, even though it will probably just make you ill.

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Noiceeeeeee man, im not much of a gibson guy.... but.... *drool*.
I ****ing LOVE that guitar... HNGD!
Call me old fashioned but I prefer 'rock music' that has electric guitars.