I'm about to start playing a guitar (played an accoustic when I was young, laik 15 years ago).
I thought I might get some more opinions about my choices, as it is mentioned in a title, I'm thinking about Ibanez Art320 (a regular price in my country is over 650$ but I can have it under 500$ which is the price of Art120) along with Fender Mustang I (I will play in a flat so I'm looking for a quiet Amp).

You might say it is a bit expensive for a "beginner" but I don't want to buy a new one after few years and my budget allows this one.

When it comes to a style I'd like to play, it is mostly rock,hard rock. Mainly Kiss, Cooper, Springsteen.

In advance I thank you for all your inputs and advices.
(btw. if you are about to recommend me another guitar then only LP )
i just got a mustang I and an art100 and they go very well together. i say go for it!
The Ibanez has active pickups. The Cort appears to have passive pickups. Ibanez necks tend to be thin. If you're hell bent on the single cutaway/Les Paul shape, have you given Epiphone any thought?
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I can't say much about the Mustang, but I've been playing an ART 320 for a few months now and I love it. Way lighter then an Epiphone with a thinner neck. I use mine through the Fender Gdec 3 15. If you can get it for the same price as the 120 I say go for it. They are the same guitar but the finish is way better on the 320. I have the transparent grey and it is way darker then in the photos you see.
that ibanez is a nice guitar.

consider a PRS SE singlecut as well. it's in the same range i believe.

also, active pick ups (like the ones in the ibanez) are shit for what you want to play.
Personally I think the PU's on the Ibanez are quite versitile. Before I bought mine I considered the PRS but the neck is just too thick and wide for me. PRS are fantastic guitars and you really can't beat their finish.
Thank you all for the inputs. When it comes to pickups, both Art320 and Cort280 have active and for those Ibanez LZ I haven't heard many positive feedbacks. Unfortunately in any of my local shops they don't have them so I can't try them on.
And about PRS SE it is way more expensive then the art/cort, the cheapest singlecut starts at 900$.

Thank you all
If you are interested in the PRS look up the Tremonti signature. There are two of them, one is really expensive and the other is about the same price as the ART.