I have about 1500$ to spend on a guitar.

Right now, I have two main guitars I put my eyes on - Jackson SLAT3 - 7 and the Carvin DC727. In the customization I chose for the DC727 (added the tremolo, walnut body and maple neck) the DC727 costs 1500$.

I'm looking into getting a metal guitar, as this is the genre I listen to the most ( prog and thrash are the genres I got into the most) but that will still be able to play rock. I understand that the Carvin won't have a problem with that, but what with the Jackson?

Also, is there a different guitar I should try out?
I would take the Carvin. Can't go wrong, I think!

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The Slat3 is pretty killer. I almost got the green swirl one.

Also the jackson would be able to handle all of what you'd want to play.
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My money goes to the Carvin, since $1500 can get you all the bells and whistles for a USA made guitar. Jackson is nice, but it looks a little awkward for me, and it seems a bit overpriced.

If you're willing to go used, you can get an Ibanez Universe.