My guitarist and I have just opened a new recording studio in the southwest PA area, if you need to get yourself a demo, EP, or full length, look no further!

Attention to my musician friends: If you are interested in recording some demos, an EP, or a full length, I'm going to be running Wyels' Lane Studio here shortly, and if you are seriously interested we can get you booked for studio time. We can do four hour blocks, or more if you need it. The rates are VERY reasonable, and you get to hang out with me and we can record your music how you want it, and the way you want it done.

We have a full set of Shure drum mics, sehnheiser vocal mics, top of the line condensors, and everything you can imagine. If for some reason you don't want to record with your own instrument, we also have a range of acoustic, electric, bass guitars, also a range of amplifiers, effects, and a full drum set at our disposal.


Thank you!
Josh H
Wyels Lane Productions