I noticed now you have to pay for UG tabs. It seems to me the pop-ups have taken over UG. Seems like a ploy to get people to pay. I can't even look up tabs anymore because unclosable pop ups take over the entire screen. I was just trying to look up a tab, I can see it behind the popup but I can't get to it because usa network wants to tell me about they're new drama. I understand the need for ads but this is ridiculous and frustrating. UG has been my favorite website for years and now its ruined. On principle alone I refuse to pay anything. Great job on ruining your once sweet website UG!
ps. Can anyone recommend a good tab website?
Try using proxy from another country? I live in Finland and only ads i have are banners.
1: Use a pop-up blocker. (If they're un-closable, I doubt it's UG)
2: You do not have to pay for tabs, only for the new ''UG Tab Pro''.
3: Great job on doing some research, on principle I must call you thick....
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Not noticed much difference really apart from the amount of people complaining

On what "principle" are you not paying? because paying people for their hard work is wrong? because you have "rights" to anything free whenever you want it? Or are you just an asshole?

As a UK user the sign up doesn't make too much sense to me because of the country restrictions - but I ain't complaining about still getting all my tab needs for free!
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Past couple days the "UG Plus" ads have been annoying...taking up so much of the homepage, and now on tabs as well.

I have to agree about the ads, though. A lot of them are VERY annoying, by either popping out and covering the screen, playing sound, and making the website load much slower. It feels like they're screwing the people that don't want to pay - instead of trying to improve the quality of the ads, they throw out a subscription service and ignore the problem. I understand ads are an integral part of funding a website, but many other sites that are of similar popularity handle advertising just fine...why can't UG?
I think he meant as a ploy to get people to buy the 'ad free' thing. Personally i rarely get pop-ups from UG.
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i dont notcied an overly amount of ads
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You don't have to pay for anything. UG has to pay to host everything (bandwidth and such) so they need ads to keep it free for everyone. Just use powertab or guitar pro. No ads on the tabs and much more intuitive.

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Only problem I've had is that for some odd reason my ads are in Spanish.

Firefox works wonders, though.
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