Hey I don't normally play bass, but I'm now starting and will be playing bass next week and coming this fall at church. I'm in need of some bass line ideas. I don't want to only play route notes cuz that gets kinda boring. Next week most of the songs we are doing are in A so if you could tab them in the key of A that would help a lot. I was trying to add in some variations of the major penatonic scale but I just can't get it sound quite right. Any help?
a lot of times playing the root or the third are your best options. if you do this you can do fills in between chords. something i like to do is on minor chords is i run down from the 5th to the 4th to the minor 3rd into the next chord. i dont know, try playing around with that kind of stuff.
Easy...just learn A major scale and play the passing tones between chord changes. Some arpeggios can sound nice if you can connect them.
As a fellow bassist if it were me the first thing I would do is make sure I can find the pulse and lock in with a drummer. If you cant do that, even playing just the root is going to be tough to listen to. Once you find the pluse, all you have to do is feel the groove!!!

People think way to much about the notes. Playing the rests is more important than any note you will ever play. As a bassist your most important role is to anchor the band, your the glue that holds it all together. Your the bridge between the rhythm and melody. Nobody will notice if you hit a sour note as long as your locked into the pulse and holding down a solid grooving. But if your groove is weak, even if you play all the "right" notes, its still going to sound bad.

After that... chordal tones and chromatics are your friend. When you get into Jazz, Motwon, Soul, R&B, Blues, Country, Reggae, ect... pretty much anything not rock or metal alot of what is played are chord tones. And scales are used as more of traveling/accent notes. Thats not always the case, but good luck trying to play some Motown with note scales.

I would recommend checking out a few diffrent bassists "youtube is awesome for that" and see what you like... and what inspires you. My personal favorite is James Jamerson, I listen to him when I need insperation. He is probably the only person you will ever hear who can hold down a rock solid groove while playing a counter melody at the same time.
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Well played, sir, well played.
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For just starting, begin with just the roots. Then as you listen to the songs, add notes to bring you from one chord to another. Work linearly, make lines that you can hear in your head.

To the guy above:
James Jamerson is the only guy you can think of? What about Paul Chambers? Aaron Bell?
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James Jamerson is the only guy you can think of? What about Paul Chambers? Aaron Bell?


Paul Chambers was one bad man, I'll give you that. I probably should have worded that a little diffrent. Maybe something along the lines of how Jamerson was the only person I could think of who defined an entire genre with the way he would groove while playing a counter-melody
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Well played, sir, well played.