I know how you guys must be sick of these "help I need some gear advice" threads but bare with me.

I've got a cheap Epiphone SG Special and a Roland Micro Cube. For some time it worked fine for me since I used to play a lot of punk rock but now my technique is growing and I want to play more hard rock and metal so now my current gear sounds too muddy and downright sounds horrible for those genres.

And I only have 400€ to spend.

I already have some models lined up like an Epi Les Paul 100 and a Epi SG Pierced.

Should buy one of those or a different one? And amp options?
Surely your cube is fine for metal? Unless you wanna play live.

If you wanna play rock and metal, look at ESP LTD, Ibanez S or RG, Jackson, Dean etc

Give us more details too. Used/new and any specs you prefer.


Ibanez RG2550Z/SRX430
Alesis Core 1

I'm a student. I've got no time or space for an amp!
idk wat kind of exchange rate there is right now but im going to play it safe and say about $500 usd.

i found a used schecter c1 hellraiser for bout $400 usd and it shreds. but hell, you could just put in a reallly hot new set of pickups.

you have alot of options. some questions you have to ask urself though: do u want active or passive pickups? i prefer actives for metal, but some people just dont like actives. do you want it to be versatile? if so, actives may not be ur best bet. new or used? floyd or hardtail?
Oh sorry. Was kind of in a rush when I wrote that.

My main problem with my setup is that the distortion is either too clear or too heavy and my overdrive pedal can only somewhat fix it. It sounds too muddy and everytime I move down the neck past the 15th fret the pitch dies out too fast. It's like my guitar has hiccups. I figure there's something wrong with the neck or pickups and it's not the first or 10th time in 3 years it gets something broken and I want a guitar that doesn't break easily. How can something that rarely leaves my bedroom break so easily I'll never know.

I want a guitar that can play from something from Hendrix and AC/DC to Iron Maiden to Slayer or even a mid-term if I can't get one that gets that range. And that every note that comes out doesn't sound like the amp is being strangled with a pillow. Plus, the one I have now has some static sound to it. Like listening through an old mp3 player with really bad headphones.

Haven't ruled out the possibility of getting a second hand guitar or replacing parts on my current one.
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if thats ur issue here is my suggestion: if u havent in a while, get the guitar a full out tune up, truss rod adjustment, etc. drop a nice set of dimarzio's in it. i like dimarzio because they are very versatile and have a huge vareity of tone and damn do they sound good. u may be having issues with ur amp becuz ur tying to run an OD (mostly intended for use with a tube amp, there is nothing to "overdrive" on a solid state amp) thru a modeling amp. so after getting the guitar set up with an adjustment and new pups, find a nice, reasonably priced tube amp and drop a nice pedal in front of it ONLY if you r not totally happy with its tone as is. pedals shouldnt be ur first option wen it comes to getting the tone u want. the best tone comes from the amp, not the pedal.

i think that may suit ur needs best.
uh... in my opinion, you should get a setup and a better amp. a better amp makes the big difference. probably some new, clearer pickups too.

take a look at finding an old 2x12 80s Peavey. They're reliable and good. Or a 1x12 something or another. (Just don't buy a Fender FM65.) Grab some Seymour Duncans or DiMarzios and a good setup. And a pedal or two. It'll be better than what you've got.
honestly, i would go with a new guitar. The Epi specials are pretty terrible to be honest. Even the G-310 wasnt good. I could tell a huge difference between it and a G400 series. I would say a used Ibanez S series if you can find one if you want a Floyd, if not, LTD with a string through body setup or the Schecter C-1 Classic would be great if you can find it in your price range. Ive seen them around $350 -400 USD if you get lucky. The Cube should be fine for now. I think getting a higher level of guitar will help you develop your technique as well. I had a G-310 with a pickup upgrade. not worth it IMO. it wont really fix your problem.