so my birthday is in a few months and i am torn between new skis cuz i get them dirt cheap thru work, new tv that i can take to college with me (i will be a senior in high school), or a new guitar. the other guitarist in my band will be purchasing a 7 string over the summer and im thinking about doing another guitar.

my issue is that i cant decide if i want to get a 7 string (hardtail or floyd doesnt really matter) or a 6 string with a floyd. i currently have a schecter c1 hellraiser (hardtail).

budget: $500-600 usd
new or used: doesnt matter
genre: mostly metal/metalcore but wouldnt mind a more versatile guitar as my schecter's pups are pretty much a one trick pony

other: preferably atleast 24 frets. i dont really want a huge scale if its a 7 string so nothing like a baritone or a scale longer than 26 ish?

i live near nashua NH and Boston MA but i'm going out to san diego for a week so i'll prolly check out some pawn shops while im there
Some people told me that 7 strings rule. So I'm going to celebrate my NGD on Friday

Buy an Ibanez RG7420, RG7620, RG1257. ESP is a good option, too, but it costs much more than Ibanez

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Before Reading please remember that this is just my opinion and you dont need to look at it as fact its just what I think you should do.

First of all, you said you were mostly playing metal, so a 7 string can really help you out there. 7 strings gives you more notes, and more room for soloing and things like that, you also get the benefit of more tuning options and a deeper heavier metal sound which is always great for metal guitar playing. A 7 string takes some getting used to and if you play that for a while, your hands may be used to that format and it may be more difficult to go back to a 6 string. If you get a 7 string go with a floyd rose trem, you'll be playing metal and that trem keeps you in better tune and allows you to do things like divebombs, which sound great during solos.

Now as far as 6 strings with floyd roses go, there are plenty of guitars in that budget. Ibanez makes great guitars in that price range and finding one with a floyd rose shouldn't be a hard task. You will probably be able to find some used schecter guitars in that price range also. Both of those companies make phenomenal guitars and will last in the long run. Remember, a floyd rose trem system will be a pain to tune and keep maintained, but it will have quite the benefit in the long run.

Hopee I helped, let me know how the search goes.
let me add a small edit: i dont want to go actives again. my schecter would be used for mostly alternate tunings and the new guitar would either be in standard or Eb/drop C#. i currently have a dimarzio x2n sitting on my desk that would probably get put in a 6 string.

and to the above, i was playing on a 7 string a few hours ago at a local music shop and it wasnt that much to get used to but i can definately understand having difficulty going from 7 to 6 strings. and the 7 string won't necessarily add that much for soloing as i will have a low b on it. i would most likely have the whole guitar tuned a half step down just to get a little heavier tone out of it.

anybody have specific reccomendations for me to try in this price range? ibanez is a given and i will absolutley look into some of the rg models and watnot. i dont think i want to do another schecter only becuase i want some variety in my guitars