Hey guys, I am looking for a cheap guitar (preferably $350 or less) which can handle drop tunings (Drop C mostly, would be an added bonus if it can handle Drop Bb)
Thinking of maybe an Ibanez Iceman if not too expensive.
.......and yea I plan on playing SOAD on it.

any les paul would do you good... look up reviews on the Jay Turser 220CS, I have one and it's great for about everything. you could save some of that 350 for new pickups for it and you'd be rockin.

seriously check that guitar out. almost every review ive seen on it is good.
anything can handle drop tunings well that's 24 3/4" scale or longer. Just play and decide, might find you want a telecaster
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Any guitar dude. Seriously, just thicker strings and maybe some more well suited pickups if your picky.


I play a damn Stratocaster in Drop C. You don't need a special guitar for drop tunings. Though I would recommend something that has either a string-through or TOM bridge, simply for ease of tuning changes.
I'd look at something which has a long scale length. A few manufatures to look at would be jackson, schecter, esp etc.
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So I should be looking for a guitar with.......

- Long scale length
- Fixed bridge << For ease of tuning

^^ that's it right? :O
and What scale length is considered long? I don't know because I don't really look at the scale length of the guitars when buying them << Didn't think it does anything significant. :/