Indie stands for independent. It is a movement of garage, guitar fueled rock music. Justin Bieber is in NO way indie.
He may have been indie if he were never signed. But after that, everything went down hill...
Everything Justin Bieber stands for, is completely against the true indie ethic; DIY promotion, low key performances etc.

Any chance to make money out of something, either he, or his representatives take the opportunity eg, films, books, girls make up etc etc etc.

In no way, shape or form is he indie, either musically or from a buisiness perspective.
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^ Lol way to pretend you know what you are talking about

Lol way to cover to green day
beibs used to be cool back when he was underground but then usher discovered him and he sold out
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To be fair, hating Green Day hasn't been particularly trendy for a few years, at least among the general music-listening public.

Apparently that guy likes Sum 41 so...
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i don't know why ppl hate on jb .. he's got a good voice ! unlike Rebbeca black ......
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