Hello everyone. Sorry for the oversized pics.

So, I was thinking about buying a JP50 by sterling but then the JP60 came out, replacing the jp50. (Sterling is going to stop producing JP50s.)

The older JP50:

The new JP60:

There's a few changes added to the jp60 in comparison to the older jp50: Extra jumbo frets, a better 3 way switch, dome knobs and the shields fretboard like the more expensive john petrucci model guitars.

It also is being sold in europe cheaper than JP50 itself, which is kinda strange. Maybe because of the pearl red finish that the JP50 had, I guess.



Well. The JP60 looks nicer than the JP50 in my opinion. And the playability should be the same, awesome as it's older brother, the JP50, as well the sound.

Has anyone tryed it? Any thoughts about the JP60? Your opinions?

PS: I wish I lived in america...

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I think that the JP50 had a very beautiful finish, the new one looks sort of dull because of the black finish. If they both have the same pickups.. and same profile neck and similar body, I don't know what else would be the factor of choice than price and the look of the guitar.
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