I have a wayyyyy cheap cimar by ibanez strat copy I've molested, and I have two tex mex singles for the neck and middle position, the things got a swimming pool route, and a HSS pickguard, so I have a big area and open wound. I want to create using a piezo pickup and whatever to give it that dobro buzzing sound and fit it to cover my big wound. Any Ideas?
using a chrome plated steel slide is the brightest slide you can get. i like brass for bright personally.

string gauge has a huge effect on slide playing. i think if you get a thin gauge set like 9's or 8's, a brass or steel slide, play with the bridge pickup or your peizo and get a compressor pedal (like boss cs-3) set to fast attack and fast release then you will get damn close. add an eq pedal like boss ge-7 to shape your tone a little better you will be set.
alright I don't have a compressor or equalizer, I was thinking more of cramming a mini chicken pot pie tin or something into the cavity with a piezo :p
Well it doesn't have to be a pie tin, basically anything that could give me that warbly metallic tone, could be an altoids can, just got to check my neighborhoods goodwill and sift through the metal junk pieces