i decided to write my first song i have the guitar intro and melody all finished, i actually wrote them over a month ago. so i decided to write some lyrics based on a dream i had last night about a girl lost in a post-apocalyptic world trying to find any other survives and the only one she finds is the guy who broke her heart when she was a teenager, and his attempt to regain her trust. As you can see i have the concept what i need help with is getting these ideas out of my head and onto a piece of paper and have them make sense.
Should i make a outline as if i were writing a paper?
what i've learned is everyone's minds work differently. some people get their ideas clearer through lists (like me,) some through talking, some through writing it down, and some through organizers. Do your best to identify which one you are, and do that.

personally, songwise I just write the lyrics down. sometimes i play the riff and sing and make lyrics, and then scramble to write them down before i forget them.

i don't think an outline would be great because it takes too much time. Songs shouldn't be organized as well but I dunno if it'd be that much of a problem.

i'm making no sense. imo, no.
19 articles here on UG came up when I searched "lyric" in the columns section.

The very best one is this: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/columns/general_music/lyric_writing_for_crap_lyric_writers.html

It's the highest rated article on UG. The columns section on this site is absolutely amazing. There is some crap you'll stumble upon but otherwise it is a goldmine of knowledge and advice.

Anyways, those articles will give different approaches you can use to writing lyrics.

What genre of music is it? Think about it, Johnny Cash would just tell it like a story, Kurt Cobain would string together random aspects of the story and mush them together til it doesn't make sense, Bob Dylan would use a tonne of metaphors and tell it from the first person, and Anthony Keidis would turn it into a story about drugs and sex.
thanks for the advice both of you guys, and Icarus lives that article you sent me to really helped.