Hello fellas,
So, I've slowly been modding a new Boss OD-3. I had it pretty good but then I couldn't leave well enough alone and now it's not so great. I've noticed a faint hint of a really bad distortion under the whole signal. Like that awful Line 6 Insane distortion. Low but noticeable. I'm not sure how to fix it. If you all don't mind I'll give you all my play by play:

C28- .033mf
IC- TL071
D6- Silicon
D11- LED
C24- .1mf
C7- .056
R13- 1.5k

After all of this I got nuts. I tried to change R15, and R23 because I was hoping they would give the sputtery effect of being over or under biased. They might not have even been the right resistors.
I then thought circuit bending would be a cool idea. I had a wire from C13 that I was trying to bring back through the IC loop. I moved it all around (before R15, after R25, before or after R13). Nothing did anything I was hoping for. Somewhere throughout these last two bold endeavors I did get the sputtery effect but it was short and then stopped. i also don't remember what did it or if something was just shorting on another component or the case.
This is when I noticed that noise.
After this I did some more work moving with the diodes. I had a swtich hooked up and didn't notice much change between some of them. I then totally removed D6. Then I swapped a silicon for D11 and LED for D6 (which i don't like). I also put a JRC1458D in the IC thinking maybe that was the problem. And thats where it stands right now.

Sorry there was so much here. Any thoughts on where I went wrong?

oh ya. lots of thoughts on where you went wrong.

hit the reset button.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer