first i'm gonna rub one out ol' fashion style
then i'm gonn do something about my musical style
then maybe i'll write songs

Once upon an oceans dream
i saw the willow meadow's queen
in her skylark throne upon the clouds.
Like a wisp of fleeting air
her gaze met mine and soon did i despair
as all love and feeling left my body.

willow queen
why do you stare
and take the light from me?
turn away, oh willow queen
let me live again.

there on the broken hollow lay the stone
they spoke of for many years past
the stone of orinthal's grave
bearing true, their family's crest
so shea lore and jainabo
soared across the blackthorn lake
and through the valley of ghouls
until they came to mount strudanomilus
where they cast it into the shadows of doom.

humans are ****ing annoying