My family (and I) are getting tired of me playing the same songs so I'm looking for some new ones. Specifically I'd like to find some fingerpicking songs with a more metal/emo-ish tone, but anything similar sounding to the ones below would be great.
a few I know:
The Bards Song - Blind Guardian
Rainbow - Orphaned Land
Benighted - Opeth
Is There Anybody Out There - Floyd
Emily - From First to Last (not really fingerpicking)
If your looking for a classical style finger picking song you should look up the song "classical gas." Its a pretty cool song and supposedly relatively easy. If you want just some acoustic songs that are awesome you should look up soem rodrigo y gabriela. The two were first in a metal band so they have that rooted into there music, which has a flamenco sound to it. Very cool stuff and is actually chellenging.
I've been fingerpicking the hell out of Don't Think Twice It's Alright by Dylan for the last two weeks, to the point where I now have two new callouses, on the thumb and index finger of my right hand. I think my family's getting tired of hearing it too. It's pretty fast though.